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Omnidirectional Audio System for Music Space Recovery.

LAG Company is proud to represent a unique acoustic complex - LAG Ambience. The LAG Ambience audio system is an absolutely perfect sound source that restores the multidimensional sound picture of a musical composition, returning real phisical sound sources and musical images to the natural acoustic space inside the listening room.

The LAG Ambience audio system is a united sound-reproducing complex consisting of a two-band acoustic pair of a circular radiation pattern and an LAG Stream integrated amplifier path of the High-Precision standard, with the exclusion of any passive signal filtering circuits usage.

Like any other of the LAG sound-reproducing systems, Ambience has impeccable frequency-response and phase characteristics for reproducing identical music information, accessible to the listener even in rooms with minimal acoustic preparation.

Based on the fundamental basics of circular distribution of acoustic wave vibrations, the design of LAG Ambience sound sources, allows to achieve absolute restoration of the sound picture by reconstructing real three-dimensional sound images and excluding phantom ones from the listener's perception.

The LAG Ambience loudspeaker complex is a top-end High-Precision product of individual hand-made production, developed in accordance with the integrated technological approach of LAG Company using innovative methods of engineering and design. Each structural element of the system is designed with perfect accuracy and manufactured using the most advanced structural materials, parts and manually tested electronic components, supplied by the world leading manufacturers.

LAG | Omnidirectional Reproduction.

Fundamental Basics.


Classical stereo speakers can create a spatial sound effect by synthesizing a panorama of imaginary sound images formed in the listener's mind due to the binaural effect *. At the same time, the geometry of the music scene is limited by the shaded field (see picture below), perceived to be relatively flat and, in most cases, distorted compared to the origin, and the sound sources themselves may have incorrect geometric proportions.

* The effect is that the sound wave reaches both ears at the same time and therefore in the same phase. Turning the head at an angle to the sound source, you make the phases of the sound vibrations in the ears shift relative to each other. According to this phase shift, the brain determines the horizontal direction to the sound source.

Classic monitor-type systems are a good choice when it comes to professional studio recording. Here you can undoubtedly appreciate the details of the frequency spectrum, micro and macrodynamics, the accuracy of channel-to-channel balancing. The images are detailed, the vocals are clear, the instruments are drawn. The scene is slightly flat, but a mastering process requires that. The job of a professional is dealing with the sounds. If this is your job, then the LAG Series A monitoring system is the right choice for you.


The omnidirectional audio system, the construction of which is totally complies with the fundamental basics of physics of acoustic wave vibrations, ensures the restoration of real (not imaginary) sound images by re-reflecting the sound wave from the walls of the room (in multiple directions)and creating physical zones of focused excess sound pressure - identical to the original sound sources. The parameters of the musical picture in this case are mostly close to real and are limited only by the space of the room itself (not by the distance between the acoustic pair). The "Sweet Point" factor is not a meaning point any more.

The omnidirectional loudspeaker system is the unique choice of a true lover of live music, a gourmet of melody, inspiration and audio emotions. Feel the sensation of the scene, the presence in the auditorium, hear a live organ, a piano, the breath of your beloved opera singer, and plunge into the depths of the three-dimensional sound of a multi-million dollar blockbuster, and do it with the whole family, without clinging to each other at a single point - only the LAG Ambience integrated audio system can allow you that.

LAG Ambience | Measurements.

Frequency Response and Radiation Pattern.

The use of a unique audio path integrated circuit of our own design, the elimination of passive filtering in audio signal dividing section, the use of specially designed cable connections, including more than thirty different know-how, made it possible to achieve an almost ideal frequency response characteristic of our systems (with a deviation of no more than 1 dB within the operating frequency range), with a non-linear distortion coefficient not exceeding 0.01%. The use of Butterworth (second order) filter type as a signal band-pass processing method allowed to eliminate harmful frequency amplitude distortions within the band-pass zone.

The LAG Ambience near-laboratory linearity of the frequency response provides unprecedented acoustic minuteness not only in foreground, but also in the midrange and background of the sound stage. The listener begins to hear sounds and perceive images that were previously indistinguishable in a musical composition.

The LAG Ambience audio systems have the unique ability to maintain wave integrity of the reproduced acoustic signal at a distance of 7 (seven!) meters and more. This feature allows you to listen to musical information without loss of perception of the sound scene geometry, focus and detailing, and does not require painstaking search for traditional - Sweet Point zone (the only listening point that allows optimal stereo effect).

LAG | Engineering and Construction.

Excellence in Parts.

Creating our technological masterpieces, we use advanced principles of designing, manufacturing and final assembly of sound equipment, as well as elements of its construction, including modern technologies of materials science, mechanical engineering and automation, borrowed from the aerospace industry. Each technical solution is unique and has no analogues in the world.

Each piece of equipment is the result of the painstaking work of a team of engineers, designers and technologists of the highest qualification of the technical division of the LAG Company.

The use of materials and coatings of exclusively the highest quality ensures the longevity of the product, a magnificent appearance, as well as the invariability of the calculated acoustic characteristics of the equipment for many years.

LAG | Design and Emotions.


Original and stylish color schemes, implemented using high quality materials and modern environmentally friendly technologies, will elegantly fit into the interior, create a colorful mood and fill with vivid emotions.

* Available upon prior request.

LAG | Technical Specifications.

Technology in Maths.

Speaker pair (each cab):

Maximum amplifer power (High section): 120 W

Rated amplifer power (Mid/Sub section): 80 W

Maximum amplifer power (Mid/Sub section): 120 W

Rated amplifer power (Mid/Sub section): 80 W

Summary system power: 100/150 W

Frequency response effective range: 30 Hz - 25 kHz

Frequency response irregularity: +/- 1.5 dB

Passive filtering: No

Dimensions mm (W х H х D): 303 х 1233 х 303

Brutto (with cable) weight (each cabinet): 38 kg

Amplifer integrated block:

Amplifer module power (RMS/PMPO): 80/120 W

Amplifer modules quantity: 4 modules (2High+2Mid/Sub)

Nonlinear distortion factor, less than: 0,01%

Band-pass filtering: Active

Amplification: Separate per-module gain

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz

Frequency response irregularity: +/- 0.05 dB

Inputs: 2 х XLR (balanced) + 2 x RCA (unbalanced)

Dimensions mm (W х H х D) (Edition HOME): 440 х 110 х 400 mm

Brutto (with cable) weight (amp module): 20 kg

The LAG Ambience omnidirectional audio system is supplied exclusively in warmed up state, each component of the system undergoes repeated tuning and testing, that is evidenced in a diagnostic sheet which includes the results of frequency response measurements.

LAG Ambience Standard Retail Price: € 35 000 *

* The base price includes a set of acoustic pairs, an amplifier unit, a set of cables of standard length (two speaker cables of 5 meters each - black or white, power cable of black color 6.1 meters long). The base price includes the choice of the color of system elements (in any combination) from the standard LAG color palette - white (gloss), red (gloss) and black (gloss) with vertical stripes and markings of the corresponding colors. Colors other than white are available upon reservation. Delivery, installation and configuration services on the customer’s site, as well as import customs charges are not included in the standard price.

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