LAG Digital. Big Bang DAC.

Pitch-perfect digital-to-analog converter.
For professionals and music lovers.

All LAG High-precision music systems are analog audio equipment. At the same time, the modern world of digital music and storage mediums make it necessary to use digital-to-analogue conversion devices for the subsequent amplification of the obtained analogue electrical signal during sound reproduction.

LAG BIG BANG DAC is the only digital-to-analog converter on the market that allows you to fully preserve the integrity of a digital music signal in the process of converting it to analog. A key feature of the digital-to-analog converter BIG BANG DAC is the complete absence of internal signal processing in the device path. Digital signal recovery is carried out bitwise and without even the slightest delay. The BIG BANG DAC internal construction contains no feedback circuits and amplifications for both the input and output signals.

LAG BIG BANG DAC is built on the principle of per-channel signal processing. Each channel is processed by an independent mono-module. This design completely eliminates the interpenetration of signals from adjacent digital (input) and analog channels (output).

The use of digital-to-analog LAG converters in cascades of sound reproduction of monitor complexes of professional recording studios, as well as a part of premium home audio systems, allows for “live” music playback not only from analog media, but also from digital content sources.

LAG Big Bang DAC Maths

Main Technical Specifications

Digital input signal standard: I2S

Frequency support: from 0 Hz to 1 MHz

Dynamic range: from 16 to 32 bit

Maximum output voltage: 36,6 V

DAC Core: Burr-Brown DAC8871

Multi-modules system editions (available for order): Yes

Overload and short circuit protection: Yes

Compatible with operating systems: Apple Mac OS / Windows

Inputs (HOME Edition): USB 2.0/3.0 + S/PDIF

Inputs (STUDIO PRO Edition): USB 2.0/3.0 + AES/EBU

Case size (HOME Edition) (W х H х D): 440 х 110 х 400 mm

Case size (STUDIO PRO Edition) (W х H х D): 485 х 90 х 400 mm

Brutto weight (with cable): 10 kg


The LAG Big Bang DAC digital-to-analog converter is a patented device (patent RU2291555) and has no analogues in the world. The design features of the Big Bang DAC digital-to-analog converter allow the precise restoration of the musical picture, with a complete absence of distortion and transformations, returning the digitized material to its analogue origin with essence and nature of live sound.

Using the LAG DAC in combination with the LAG High-Precision audio playback system allows you to achieve a level of perception of reproduced digital music material comparable to its live listening.

The LAG Big Bang DAC converters are supplied exclusively in warmed up state, each component of the system undergoes repeated tuning and testing to meet LAG's highest standards.

LAG Digital | Big Bang DAC Standard Retail Price: € 7 000 *

* The base price includes a set of LAG Big Bang DAC block (in the selected version of HOME / PRO enclosure), a standard power cable with the length of 6.1 meters (black color). The base price includes the choice of color of the front panel of the case from the standard LAG color palette - white (gloss), red (gloss) and black (gloss) with markings of the corresponding colors. Colors other than white are available upon prior request. Delivery, installation and configuration services on the customer’s site, as well as import customs charges are not included in the price.

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