LAG Music of Sounds. Series A.

Professional High-Precision Studio Monitoring System.

The integrated High Precision professional monitoring system LAG Music of Sounds Series A - is an innovative product with unique precision acoustic characteristics. The system combines the unprecedented purity of musical material reproduction, the complete absence of specific tint distortions, the perfect accuracy of the sound picture recovery - with a true transfer of sound space (depth, width and height of the scene), recreating the correct geometric dimensions of sound sources (musical instruments and background noises), the formation of the original musical images and the transfer of the original timbre characteristics of the vocals.

The LAG Series A audio system is a united sound-reproducing complex consisting of a two-band acoustic pair of a cardioid radiation pattern and an LAG Stream integrated amplifier path of the High-Precision standard, with the exclusion of any passive signal filtering circuits usage.

The use of a unique audio path integrated circuit of our own design, the elimination of passive filtering in audio signal dividing section, the use of specially designed cable connections, including more than thirty different know-how, made it possible to achieve an almost ideal frequency response characteristic of our systems (with a deviation of no more than 1 dB within the operating frequency range), with a non-linear distortion coefficient not exceeding 0.01%.

The LAG Series A near-laboratory linearity of the frequency response provides unprecedented acoustic minuteness not only in foreground, but also in the midrange and background of the sound stage. The listener begins to hear sounds and perceive images that were previously indistinguishable in a musical composition.

All LAG audio systems have the unique ability to maintain wave integrity of the reproduced acoustic signal at a distance of 7 (seven!) meters and more. This feature allows you to listen to musical information without loss of perception of the sound scene geometry, focus and detailing, and does not require painstaking search for traditional - Sweet Point zone (the only listening point that allows optimal stereo effect).

In addition to the accuracy objective characteristics of sound material reproduction, LAG speaker systems have a lively natural sound and musicality, allowing you to listen to the music of absolutely any genre with a proper subjective perception. The absence of extraneous noises in the signal path (even outside the audible range), as well as any wave distortions - eliminates any potential negative impact of our systems on the human body and brain during continuous use, thereby making the use of our products health and salutary, that has specific importance for professional studio usage.

The unique technical features of LAG audio equipment allow to use the Series A audio system, both as a precision instrument for the sound engineer in a professional recording studio, as well as a home top-end quality “shelf” High-Precision audio system (for rooms of almost any size).

The LAG Series A loudspeaker system is a top-end High-Precision product of individual hand-made production, developed in accordance with the integrated technological approach of LAG Company using innovative methods of engineering and design. Each structural element of the system is designed with perfect accuracy and manufactured using the most advanced structural materials, parts and manually tested electronic components, supplied by the world leading manufacturers.

LAG | Live Music Revival.

Music Stage Geometry and Images Focusing.

One of the exceptional features of LAG Series A professional acoustic systems is an unprecedented ability to provide high-precision restoration of the integrity of the sound picture, the geometry of the acoustic space and sound sources, allowing you to achieve a level of perception of musical material comparable to live listening.

The LAG Studio Sound monitoring system provides accurate sound field integrity restoration, allowing to achieve a level of music perception comparable to live listening.

* * * *

Sound sources have clear localizations in width, depth and height of the acoustic scene.

* * * *

The acoustic images geometry corresponds to the real parameters of the original, regardless of the sound sources frequency characteristics.

* * * *

The highest system linearity ensures unsurpassed acoustic detalization not only in the forestage, but also in mid- and background (the listener starts hearing the sounds that were previously unheard in a familiar music fragment).

* * * *

The natural sounding of instruments and vocals provide comfortable long-term listening to music of any genre from live classics to electronic music and hard rock.

LAG | Engineering and Construction

Special Technical Features.

Creating our technological masterpieces, we use advanced principles of designing, manufacturing and final assembly of sound equipment, as well as elements of its construction, including modern technologies of materials science, mechanical engineering and automation, borrowed from the aerospace industry. Each technical solution is unique and has no analogues in the world.

Each piece of equipment is the result of the painstaking work of a team of engineers, designers and technologists of the highest qualification of the technical division of the LAG Company.

The use of materials and coatings of exclusively the highest quality ensures the longevity of the product, a magnificent appearance, as well as the invariability of the calculated acoustic characteristics of the equipment for many years.

LAG | Style as Profession.


Original and stylish color schemes, implemented using high quality materials and modern environmentally friendly technologies, will elegantly fit into the interior, create a colorful mood and fill with vivid emotions. When you spend the whole day working with the sound your healthy mood maintained with colorful emotions will definitely result in wonderful music.

* Available upon prior request.

LAG | Technical Specifications.

Technology in Maths.

Speaker pair (each cab):

Rated amplifer power (High/Mid section): 30 W

Maximum amplifer power (High/Mid section): 60 W

Rated amplifer power (Subwoofer section): 60 W

Maximum amplifer power (Subwoofer section): 120 W

Summary system power: 50/100 W

Frequency response effective range: 38 Hz - 22 kHz

Frequency response irregularity: +/- 1 dB

Passive filtering: No

Dimensions mm (W х H х D): 200 х 370 х 350

Brutto (with cable) weight (each cabinet): 20 kg

Amplifer integrated block:

Amplifer module power (RMS/PMPO): 60/100 W

Amplifer modules quantity: 4 modules (2SUB+2High/Mid)

Nonlinear distortion factor, less than: 0,01%

Band-pass filtering: Active

Amplification: Separate per-module gain

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz

Frequency response irregularity: +/- 0.05 dB

Inputs: 2 х 2 XLR (balanced)

Dimensions (PRO Edition) mm (W х H х D): 485 х 90 х 400

Brutto (with cable) weight (amp module): 20 kg

The LAG A Series professional monitoring system is supplied exclusively in warmed up state, each component of the system undergoes repeated tuning and testing, that is evidenced in a diagnostic sheet which includes the results of frequency response measurements.

LAG Professional | Series A Standard Retail Price: € 25 000 *

* The base price includes a set of acoustic pairs, an amplifier unit, a set of cables of standard length (two speaker cables of 5 meters each - black or white, power cable of black color 6.1 meters long). The base price includes the choice of the color of system elements (in any combination) from the standard LAG color palette - white (gloss), red (gloss) and black (gloss) with vertical stripes and markings of the corresponding colors. Colors other than white are available upon reservation. Delivery, installation and configuration services on the customer’s site, as well as import customs charges are not included in the standard price.

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