(MOON, 1969)

Everybody knows, that hearing (or audition) as a sense of sound perception, is one and the first of five main physiological capacity of organism that provides us data for full human living. Prior to sight, taste, smell and touch, unborn babies are thought to start to hear at around 24 weeks into gestation as neurons begin to form connections in the auditory cortex of the brain. From inside the womb the baby experiences low frequency sounds like the mother's heart beat and a muffled version of her voice. Researchers of Harvard Medical School (in a study led by Amir Lahav) have proved that sounds similar to those experienced by an unborn baby in the womb can boost the growth of the brains of infants even those who born prematurely (ex.: Science Mag; Sound Of Mom’s Voice Boosts Brain Growth In Premature Babies, February 23, 2015, Emily Underwood).

Sounds, music and extraneous noises have a direct impact on the human body, development of brain, immune and endocrine systems, the formation of the emotional structure of the personality, and as a result determine the quality of life of a person as a whole. Listening to live music performed by our favorite musicians and vocalists cheers us up and makes us happy provoking the release of endorphins and dopamine. For this reason, the quality of recording and playback systems that allow us to listen to truly "live" music in the recording directly affects our health.


As a result of many years of deep studying the processes of distribution of sound waves from physical sources of sound (musical instruments, human voice and other natural sources), the methods and principles of acoustic wave oscillations recording, the technology of passing of an audio signal inside an electronic path, as well as existing methods of decoding and reproducing, we developed an integral principle of recording, processing and restoration of sound material, allowing to recreate the sound of live music with unprecedented accuracy.

LAG integrated audio systems combine the unprecedented clarity of musical material reproduction, the complete absence of specific tint distortion, the perfect accuracy in restoring of a sound picture - with a true transfer of sound space (depth, width and height of the scene), recreating the correct geometric dimensions of sound sources (musical instruments and background noises), the formation of the original musical images and the transfer of the original timbre characteristics of the vocals.

The use of a unique audio path integrated circuit of our own design, the elimination of passive filtering in audio signal dividing section, the use of specially designed cable connections, including more than thirty different know-how, made it possible to achieve an almost ideal frequency response characteristic of our systems (with a deviation of no more than 1 dB within the operating frequency range), with a non-linear distortion coefficient not exceeding 0.01%.

In addition to the accuracy objective characteristics of sound material reproduction, LAG speaker systems have a lively natural sound and musicality, allowing you to listen to the music of absolutely any genre with a proper subjective perception. The absence of extraneous noises in the signal path (even outside the audible range), as well as any wave distortions - eliminates any potential negative impact of our systems on the human body and brain during continuous use, thereby making the use of our products health and salutary.



As well as human body functioning depends on the quality of food, water and inhaled air, the stability of the interaction processes between internal organs, in complex with stress factors and other even the smallest external influences, the recording and playback technology is directly exposed to environmental factors such as power supply, quality of contact elements of cable connections (including the material of their coating, speaker heads, and cabinet materials).

After conducting hundreds of tests of various components and materials, studying their influences on the character and authenticity of the reproduced musical images, we selected top-quality structural elements of the best world manufacturers and developed our own cable and connecting materials applying a unique patented technology for their manufacturing.

Each of our audio systems is completed with a set of necessary connecting and power cables of our own production, which is an essential part of our integral technological approach. In addition, some of our cable solutions (such as power cables) can be purchased separately to improve the quality of electronic and acoustic systems, produced by other manufacturers.

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